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The phrase the system displays the screen create plate indicates the queue management app existence of the robustness diagram of a border class for the display creative dishes. Observing the rule that does not allow direct correlation between boundary classes, a class is introduced control corresponding to the energy of the appearance of the screen (from the main display), in response to the user selection. The phrase the which takes the names of the ingredients from the list of ingredients and displays imposes import an entity class corresponds to the list of ingredients and a control cohort corresponds to the action of taking the names of the components of the catalog. The phrase the same time the system generates the corresponding plate result in the introduction to chart an entity class corresponds to plate and a controller class that corresponds to effect of creating an instance of the class dish. Although the semantics of robustness diagrams are not strict, we assume that the time series of actions carried out in some point following the clockwise direction of edges flowing from this point.

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In other words we consider that the first queue system software taking the ingredients and appearance in place creation display plate and then creates the corresponding plate. However, this view is not binding and can be then be amended. The phrase the cook introduces the name of dish and then select the domain name registration button would normally be represented as an edge by the user to the creation screen dish where these measures are implemented. However, if they were this notation, it would not be clear which of the operations- edges flowing from the border heading creation display dish due to the first action of use (dish creation option) and which in the second (designation import and select entry). For this reason it was chosen the designation of the user s power as label corresponding edge that results in the control class registration and finally connected with the entity class to plate modeled the effect of the phrase the system recognizes the name on a plate from the investigation of the use cases and the creation of robustness diagrams is expected and desirable identify new classes that are not initially included in queue system software the model problem domain. Also, the stage of the analysis results and the identifying some system classes properties of the class have either explicitly mentioned in the text of the use cases, but is chosen not mapped in the system classes or implied. For the system being developed, the problem of field model enriched as follows (as of the evolving chart classes it is to be produced a large part of the code is appropriate from this point on be listed and the english terms for names of classes, properties and methods): in case of using the same strength diagram that the problem domain model should be included heading ingredient list (ingredientcatalog) and class catalog dish (platecatalog).

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Such classes, which function as collections of objects classes entities are expected to most applications, even if not explicitly mentioned in requirements, identifying and recovering objects of class entities. These two classes they include articles of heading ingredient (ingredient) and plate (plate) respectively, and therefore are connected with respect assembly them with multiplicity many at the end of classes entities. From the same robustness diagram shows that component class and the class will include a plate attribute name (name) as well as the names of the components appear in creation see more screen plate while the user explicitly that inserts the name of each dish created.